Monday, October 15, 2012

Vacation Travel

I have been planning a trip to Savannah, Georgia to visit with my dearest girlfriend for several months now.  Tomorrow is the day we are off on our cross-country trip.  We will be driving from here clear to Savannah, with a stop in Dayton, Tennessee to visit with my parents, sisters,nieces and nephew.  I am so excited.  Kyle and Tommi have graciously agreed to stay at the house and take care of Jasper, Maggie (my four-legged furry kids), MK (Kyle's bearded dragon that runs free around the house) and the goldfish (that let you pet them if you stick your hand in the water).

I will post our adventures and what knitting projects I am working on as we go.  I am currently working on a baby hat.  I am also taking the yarn and pattern for the Hitchhiker pattern by Martina Behm.  My trusty laptop and Nook are also getting packed in the car for this trip.